• Baumer

    Just like Baumer, we have a Passion for Sensors, and that's why we have forged a strong partnership with Baumer. Worldwide, customers have come to trust the expertise of the Baumer Group. The Baumer brand stands for partnership, precision and a pioneering spirit.

    The Baumer Group is a world leader in the development and production of sensors, encoders and measuring instruments that meet the very highest technological standards of quality, accuracy and compliance.

    Object detection - sensors, proximity switches and light barriers for object and position detection.

    Inductive proximity switches, light barriers, fiber optic, capacitive, ultrasonic, magnetic and cylinder sensors, precision mechanical switches and edge measurement and detection.

    Distance measurement - Sensors for detecting distances and distance information from the µm range to over 40 m.

    Optical, ultrasonic, radar, inductive distance, linear magnetic encoders, measuring wheel encoders and cable transducers.

    2D / 3D sensors - Measurement of one or more object dimensions and detection of object form characteristics such as height, width, length, gap, profile or edge information.

    PosCon profile, Light-band and VeriSens vision sensors.

    Image processing / identification - Camera-based inspection, identification and process control.

    Industrial cameras, VeriSens vision sensors, code readers (1D/2D), text readers (OCR/OCV) and custom imaging components.

    Rotary encoders / angle sensors - Measuring and monitoring of rotary speed and rotary shaft positions at machines, installations and electrical drives.

    Industrial / HeavyDuty encoders (absolute and incremental), bearingless encoders, motor feedback encoders, HeavyDuty tacho generators / resolvers, speed switches / monitors, HeavyDuty combinations, hall and speed sensors, programmable encoders and safety certified encoders.

    Inclination / acceleration sensors - Measurement of inclination, acceleration and vibration.

    Inclination sensors and vibration / acceleration sensors.

    Process sensors - Automation of process technology with transmitters, sensors and measuring equipment for the parameters of pressure, temperature, fill level, flow and conductivity of gaseous, liquid, paste-like and granular media.

    Level, pressure, temperature, flow and conductivity measurement.

    Force/strain sensors - Force and strain measurement in machines, installations and tools.

    Strain, force and piezoelectric sensors.

    Format adjustment - Display and adjustment of position of stops and formats in machines and systems.

    Spindle position systems and compact drives.

    Counters / displays - Acquisition, display and control of process data and measured values such as unit numbers, times, rotational speeds and positions.

    Counters / position displays / process displays, preset counters / multifunction devices and time / hour counters.

  • Cognex

    Cognex is the world’s leading provider of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and surface inspection systems used in manufacturing automation. Cognex is also a leader in industrial ID readers.

    Cognex offers the widest range of VISION and ID products. Companies throughout the world use Cognex systems to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and track parts on their production lines.

    Cognex products incorporate innovative technology that has led the world since 1981, and are universally recognised as offering the highest accuracy, reliability, and performance.

    2D Vision - Cognex In-Sight® 2D machine vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. There is a wide range of models, including line scan and colour systems.

    In-Sight 2000, In-Sight 5705, In-Sight 7000, In-Sight 8000 and In-Sight VC200.

    3D Vision - Whether performing a single profile measurement or scanning an entire surface in 3D, Cognex has the most powerful and robust 3D machine vision tools. Cognex technology delivers high accuracy surface feature measurements that go beyond the capabilities of 2D machine vision technology.

    In-Sight Laser Profiler and Cognex 3D Displacement Sensors.

    Barcode Readers - Cognex DataMan and MX series of industrial, image-based barcode readers decode 1-D and 2-D codes, from printed labels to the hardest to read direct part mark (DPM) codes, and deliver industry-leading read rates. Cognex barcode readers can help:Reduce costs, Increase throughput,Control traceability.

    Dataman 470 Series, Dataman 150/260, Dataman 360 Series, Dataman 503 Series, Dataman 70 Series, Dataman 8050 Series, Dataman 8600 Series, Mobile Solutions and Barcode Verifiers.

  • ABB Safety

    Jokab Safety (part of the ABB group) make it simple to build safety systems for machines requiring up to category 4 safety.

    Ranging from PLCs to E-Stops, Jokab Safety manufactures a complete range of innovative safety products designed to effectively and easily build a complete machine safety system.

    Programmable safety controllers - Pluto safety-PLC system for supervision of machine safety applications.

    Safety controllers - Vital safety module for control of smaller machine safety systems and safety relays for all kinds of safety devices.

    Fencing systems - Stable and flexible fencing system and roller doors.

    Safety sensors, switches and locks - Non-contact sensors, key switches and locks.

    Optical safety devices - Light curtains and light beams for optical protection in an opening or around a risk area.

    Safety contact edges, bumpers and safety mats - Contact edges and bumpers for protection against crush injuries and safety mats for protection within dangerous areas.

    Emergency stops and pilot devices - Emergency stops and pilot devices for dynamic and static safety circuits.

    Safety control devices - Safety control devices for start and stop dangerous machine movements.

  • Falcon Illumination

    Falcon Illumination delivers LED lighting for Machine Vision. Falcon lighting is the right choice where quality and variety of available products are concerned. The best quality of LEDs and high standards of housing guarantee security for the most varied of applications. Falcon LED lighting can be easily integrated into any application.

    Ring Light - LEDs with extremely bright light output are mounted very tightly. 360 degree shadow-free illumination is possible. The Direct Ring Light illuminates the object directly from flat board at an angle to the centre of the object being illuminated. Suitable to detect smallest divergences of reflectance between target objects. Used for non reflecting objects needing strong lighting.

    Low Angle Ring Light - Illumination with a Horizontal Ring Light (Type LA1) or Low Angle Ring Light (Type LA3) allows 360 degree shadow-free illumination. Low-angle illumination is perfect for edge detection and checking embossed printing or correct positioning, controlling scratches, dirt and grooves on different surfaces. While avoiding reflections, ideal for slightly uneven surfaces and scratches. Optional diffusing plate can be mounted to improve illumination evenness.

    FLHC-Half-Circle-Ring-Light - This half circle ring light is designed to apply lighting in limited spaces. Ideal for slightly uneven surfaces.

    FLDM-Dome-Light - Dome Lights allow shadow-free uniform light covering 180 degrees. For inspection of objects with glossy or non-flat surfaces or foil wrapped objects. The small FLDM-i50 is cylindric. FHDM are equipped with high brightness LEDs to provide 360 degrees uniformity and larger coverage on the object.

    Diffuse-Front-Light - Ring-shaped light with overhead diffuse light eliminates LED glare and shadow for even illumination. Best for preventing halo effect, coating inspection, burr inspection of moulding, soldering inspection and inspection of board parts possible with coned FLKR-type. Discus FLFR-type with its low height is ideal for very limited space.

    FLFL-Diffuse-Back-Light - Power-saving back light system with a very thin design and a very uniform surface light emission profile. Just having a casing height of 7-10 mm permittes the application even with very limited mounting space. For inspection of dimension and shape of lead frame, visual inspection of dimenison and shape of electronic parts. IC lead for gauging inspection for TSSOP, SOIC, DIP, SC7O, SOT, QFP

    FLDL-TP-High-Brightness-Diffuse-Back-Light - Slim-type lighting with LEDs mounted at the bottom of the light guide to brighten it. LEDs are arranged at high intensity to produce high luminosity. Light from chip LEDs packed into a flat circuit board passes through a diffusion plate and illuminates the work from behind as a silhouette. Major applications are: inspection of dimension and shape of lead frame / visual inspection of dimenison and shape of electronic parts / IC lead for growing inspection for TSSOP, SOIC, DIP, SCTO, SOT, QFP.

    FLFV-Coaxial-Light - Coaxial is a uniform light that runs perpendicular with camera axis across the entire field of view makes on-axis illumination system. Suitable to apply on flat object surface with specular or mirror surface / wafer level or dice positioning guiding, or pick and place process applications / alignment mark on the board / inspection for cosmetic applications, scratches on object, dented or micro slug.

    FLDL-Bar-Light - Bar-shaped lighting using high-intensity LEDs. They create optimum oblique lighting conditions. Flexible installation to enable a wide range of applications. Usable as high intensity surface lighting. Reflections can be controlled by the included diffusion plate. Major applications are: Crack/exterior inspection of molding / trimming/ forming inspection of IC lead / exterior inspection of connector / character inspection of chip part.

    Low-Angle-Diffuse-Light - Low angle ring diffuse light enables characters and defects to be uniformly illuminated with no LED glare. Soft, even and diffused lighting on shiny objects. Best for preventing the halo effect. The shadowless, low angle ring type is perfect for ring shaped objects. Major applications are: inspection for IC characters / IC lead inspection within the embossed tape / inspection for IC void / IC orientation identification, NG mark inspection.

    FHLV-Spot Light - FHLV (High luminosity spot light): Proprietary collector optics and light guides for maximum illuminance. Small and lightweight for easy handling. Stable illumination when used with a dedicated constant current power source. Suitable for coaxial episcopic lighting and spot lighting. Can be mounted on movable modules.

    FLSP-High-Brightness-Spot-Light - FLSP-Spot light suitable to use in limited space and long working distance. Best for reading bar code/2D code.

    FLLN-Line-Light - High brightness LED Line Light is focusing with an cylindrical lense. A very intense illumination suited for the use with line-scan cameras.

    FIBS-Multi-Angle-Light - All in one lighting with multi color and multi angle. This multi angle lighting consists of one illumination housing and equipped with SMD leds.Best solution for multiple applications or different checking criteria.

    Ultra Violet (UV)-Light - UV Lighting is ideal to activate the flourescent object. Falcon Illumination provides more than 10 series of UV lighting with wavelength 375nm and 400nm.

    High-Power-Light - Super bright lighting, avoid stare at exposured lighting when operation. Useful for application where needs to be visible in long distance, recommended to use as strobe lighting to perform high brightness lighting with longer life span. Falcon Illumination provides various type of High Power Lighting.

    IP-Protection-Light - To protect the lighting against contact and infiltration of water and dirt which classified by degree of protecion.

    Download Falcon Illumination Product Catalog (PDF, 68 pages, 14.5MB)

  • Jenoptik

    Jenoptik provides a wide range of technical solutions and answers especially customised to your needs, including weapon stabilisation for military vehicles, diesel electrical traction for trains, radomes for military jets as well as laser distance meters for the precise positioning of containers.

    LDM41/42/43 Series Laser Distance Sensors - The LDM40 series can measure distances of up to 150 meters, at measurement rates of up to 50Hz. The ability to measure with accuracy of a few millimeters is made possible by phase comparison method. A red laser light enables visual confirmation, alignment, and targeting. Applications suitable include level monitoring (liquid and solid), positional reference and location of objects, and collision prevention of moving objects (e.g. cranes, lifts, conveyance systems). The LDM40 series is able to perform these highly accurate measurements using an eye-safe class 2 laser.

    Jenoptik’s LDM40 series features a case hardened chassis that is sealed from the environment in order to keep dust, water spray, and the weather out of the optical systems.

    LDM301 Series Laser Distance Sensors - The LDM301 series uses a measured time-of-flight principle to measure distances of 300m for natural surfaces and 3000m for reflective surfaces. The fast time-of-flight method enables the system also to calculate the speed of the object. High rates of measurement make the LDM301 particularly useful in continuous process control associated with chemical, steel, refining, and other high volume manufacturing operations.

    LDS30 Series Laser Distance Sensors - Extremely fast measurements on natural surfaces. The compact LDS30 is capable of measuring low reflectance (natural) surfaces with frequencies of 30 kHz. It was specifically designed for scanning and proximity sensing applications. It uses the time of flight measuring principles along with an eye-safe class 1 laser to achieve a range of 30m for surfaces with 10% reflectance. In conjunction with reflective surfaces or special targets this range may be increased to distances of up to 250m. The compact, lightweight, case hardened chassis makes the LDS30 series resistance to normal impact and shock associated with industrial applications.