Falcon Illumination

Ring Light - LEDs with extremely bright light output are mounted very tightly. 360 degree shadow-free illumination is possible. The Direct Ring Light illuminates the object directly from flat board at an angle to the centre of the object being illuminated. Suitable to detect smallest divergences of reflectance between target objects. Used for non reflecting objects needing strong lighting.

Low Angle Ring Light - Illumination with a Horizontal Ring Light (Type LA1) or Low Angle Ring Light (Type LA3) allows 360 degree shadow-free illumination. Low-angle illumination is perfect for edge detection and checking embossed printing or correct positioning, controlling scratches, dirt and grooves on different surfaces. While avoiding reflections, ideal for slightly uneven surfaces and scratches. Optional diffusing plate can be mounted to improve illumination evenness.

FLHC-Half-Circle-Ring-Light - This half circle ring light is designed to apply lighting in limited spaces. Ideal for slightly uneven surfaces.

FLDM-Dome-Light - Dome Lights allow shadow-free uniform light covering 180 degrees. For inspection of objects with glossy or non-flat surfaces or foil wrapped objects. The small FLDM-i50 is cylindric. FHDM are equipped with high brightness LEDs to provide 360 degrees uniformity and larger coverage on the object.

Diffuse-Front-Light - Ring-shaped light with overhead diffuse light eliminates LED glare and shadow for even illumination. Best for preventing halo effect, coating inspection, burr inspection of moulding, soldering inspection and inspection of board parts possible with coned FLKR-type. Discus FLFR-type with its low height is ideal for very limited space.

FLFL-Diffuse-Back-Light - Power-saving back light system with a very thin design and a very uniform surface light emission profile. Just having a casing height of 7-10 mm permittes the application even with very limited mounting space. For inspection of dimension and shape of lead frame, visual inspection of dimenison and shape of electronic parts. IC lead for gauging inspection for TSSOP, SOIC, DIP, SC7O, SOT, QFP

FLDL-TP-High-Brightness-Diffuse-Back-Light - Slim-type lighting with LEDs mounted at the bottom of the light guide to brighten it. LEDs are arranged at high intensity to produce high luminosity. Light from chip LEDs packed into a flat circuit board passes through a diffusion plate and illuminates the work from behind as a silhouette. Major applications are: inspection of dimension and shape of lead frame / visual inspection of dimenison and shape of electronic parts / IC lead for growing inspection for TSSOP, SOIC, DIP, SCTO, SOT, QFP.

FLFV-Coaxial-Light - Coaxial is a uniform light that runs perpendicular with camera axis across the entire field of view makes on-axis illumination system. Suitable to apply on flat object surface with specular or mirror surface / wafer level or dice positioning guiding, or pick and place process applications / alignment mark on the board / inspection for cosmetic applications, scratches on object, dented or micro slug.

FLDL-Bar-Light - Bar-shaped lighting using high-intensity LEDs. They create optimum oblique lighting conditions. Flexible installation to enable a wide range of applications. Usable as high intensity surface lighting. Reflections can be controlled by the included diffusion plate. Major applications are: Crack/exterior inspection of molding / trimming/ forming inspection of IC lead / exterior inspection of connector / character inspection of chip part.

Low-Angle-Diffuse-Light - Low angle ring diffuse light enables characters and defects to be uniformly illuminated with no LED glare. Soft, even and diffused lighting on shiny objects. Best for preventing the halo effect. The shadowless, low angle ring type is perfect for ring shaped objects. Major applications are: inspection for IC characters / IC lead inspection within the embossed tape / inspection for IC void / IC orientation identification, NG mark inspection.

FHLV-Spot Light - FHLV (High luminosity spot light): Proprietary collector optics and light guides for maximum illuminance. Small and lightweight for easy handling. Stable illumination when used with a dedicated constant current power source. Suitable for coaxial episcopic lighting and spot lighting. Can be mounted on movable modules.

FLSP-High-Brightness-Spot-Light - FLSP-Spot light suitable to use in limited space and long working distance. Best for reading bar code/2D code.

FLLN-Line-Light - High brightness LED Line Light is focusing with an cylindrical lense. A very intense illumination suited for the use with line-scan cameras.

FIBS-Multi-Angle-Light - All in one lighting with multi color and multi angle. This multi angle lighting consists of one illumination housing and equipped with SMD leds.Best solution for multiple applications or different checking criteria.

Ultra Violet (UV)-Light - UV Lighting is ideal to activate the flourescent object. Falcon Illumination provides more than 10 series of UV lighting with wavelength 375nm and 400nm.

High-Power-Light - Super bright lighting, avoid staring at exposure lighting when operation. Useful for application where needs to be visible in long distance, recommended to use as strobe lighting to perform high brightness lighting with longer life span. Falcon Illumination provides various type of High Power Lighting.

IP-Protection-Light - To protect the lighting against contact and infiltration of water and dirt which classified by degree of protection.

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