LDM41/42/43 Series Laser Distance Sensors - The LDM40 series can measure distances of up to 150 meters, at measurement rates of up to 50Hz. The ability to measure with accuracy of a few millimeters is made possible by phase comparison method. A red laser light enables visual confirmation, alignment, and targeting. Applications suitable include level monitoring (liquid and solid), positional reference and location of objects, and collision prevention of moving objects (e.g. cranes, lifts, conveyance systems). The LDM40 series is able to perform these highly accurate measurements using an eye-safe class 2 laser.

Jenoptik’s LDM40 series features a case hardened chassis that is sealed from the environment in order to keep dust, water spray, and the weather out of the optical systems.

LDM301 Series Laser Distance Sensors - The LDM301 series uses a measured time-of-flight principle to measure distances of 300m for natural surfaces and 3000m for reflective surfaces. The fast time-of-flight method enables the system also to calculate the speed of the object. High rates of measurement make the LDM301 particularly useful in continuous process control associated with chemical, steel, refining, and other high volume manufacturing operations.

LDS30 Series Laser Distance Sensors - Extremely fast measurements on natural surfaces. The compact LDS30 is capable of measuring low reflectance (natural) surfaces with frequencies of 30 kHz. It was specifically designed for scanning and proximity sensing applications. It uses the time of flight measuring principles along with an eye-safe class 1 laser to achieve a range of 30m for surfaces with 10% reflectance. In conjunction with reflective surfaces or special targets this range may be increased to distances of up to 250m. The compact, lightweight, case hardened chassis makes the LDS30 series resistance to normal impact and shock associated with industrial applications.

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