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  • Product innovations from Baumer

    Check out the latest product innovations from Baumer, including high measuring accuracy with laser distance sensors, new CX series cameras with IP65/67 protection and new EX series cameras for cost-oriented applications.

    Baumer's latest product innovations

  • The new Eden AS-i

    ABB has released the Eden AS-i, a new version of their non-contact safety proximity gate switch. This extremely flexible switch has a sensing range of +/-15 mm and 360 degrees, allowing various installation options. In the past, the Eden switch could only be used with the Vital 1 safety controller or the Pluto Safety PLC. Now, the full benefits of the Eden are available to all AS-i safety controllers from all manufacturers.

    Eden AS-i Product Sheet

  • Updated Baumer website

    There is a new Baumer website. Much faster, more intuitive and lots easier to use.

  • We have a new premises!

    Sensorplex has moved!! We have a new, bigger premises at 8 Neutron Place, Rowville Vic, 3178

  • Sensorplex and Jenoptik

    In very exciting news, Sensorplex has been appointed a dealer for Jenoptik. Jenoptik provides a wide range of technical solutions and answers especially customized to your needs. This includes weapon stabilization for military vehicles, diesel electrical traction for trains, radomes for military jets as well as laser distance meters for the precise positioning of containers. These concepts and many more evolve from Jenoptik's expertise in electrical drive and control technology, composite manufacturing as well as laser sensors and infrared technology. Find out more about Jenoptik

  • Process Verification System (PVS) Milestone

    Since is first release less than 24 months ago, Sensorplex has successfully installed over 50 of its PVS across Australia. There are Sensorplex PVS now​ operating in Western Australia, NSW, Vic, QLD and SA. The speed of implementation of these systems, with an extremely easy to use interface has made it a very in demand system and sales are continuing to grow. Find out more about the Process Verification System here

  • Chinese Food and Drug Administration

    Sensorplex has ​recently ​successfully completed ​a​ ​(Chinese Food and Drug Administration) ​CFDA approved Pharmaceutical ​serialization ​ packing line in Australia.​ The project involved the development of a full suite of software with the capability of communicating with the CFDA database in China. Sensorplex implemented both the software and fabricated the complete packing line which includes revolutionary automated printer head and guide rail positioning. The software is a "hybrid"system, containing both the Chinese and English Language user interface.

  • Danish Design

    Danish Design at the House is an exclusively curated exhibition that showcases the best of Danish design past and present at the Sydney Opera House. Sensorplex provided and installed the Universal Robot that was displayed as part of the exhibit

  • Cognex Award

    Sensorplex awarded 2nd in the Cognex Partner Award 2012 under the category Performance (UK / Ireland / Northern Europe).