Process Verification System

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The Sensorplex Process Verification System (PVS) uses machine vision technology to perform two main functions:

1. Inspect products at different stages of the production process.
2. Verify the correct combination of components are selected for each product.


Quality Control

Eliminate errors in:


Increased Productivity

Reduce Product Recall / Withdrawal
Reduce product packaging waste to minimise your company's environmental impact
Improve production efficiencies


Intuitive Controls

Touchscreen user interface
Drag and Drop jobs
Program different tasks on the go
Easy to teach and learn


Milk Bottle Inspection (Dry Line)

In this application, the PVS checked for correct Front Label, Back Label and Expiry Date on Milk Bottles

Juice Bottle Inspection (Wet Line)

In this application, the PVS checked for correct Front Label, Back Label, Cocked Cap, Fill Level and Date Presence on Juice Bottles

Typical Applications

Typical Architecture

SQL Database

All product information is stored and accessed from an SQL database which can be run locally or on an external server. In addition, log files are saved to the SQL database and can be accessed and displayed from the PVS, Microsoft SQL Management Studio or any other SQL compatible software.

Batch Logs contain information on each batch including batch start time and end time, number of passes and fails and the parameters that were used.
Activity Logs contain general information on when new SKUs added to the system, when they were run and when general settings were changed.
Trigger Summaries show a snapshot of the system counters every 10 minutes. This information can be graphed in the PVS, allowing users to visually see how many bottles have passed through the system and how many passed/failed.