• Process Verification System

    The Sensorplex Process Verification System (PVS) uses machine vision technology
    to perform two main functions:

    1. To inspect the product at different stages of the production process.
    2. To verify that the correct combination of components are selected for each product/SKU.

    Check out more on the Process Verification System here

  • Boxing & Palletising Solutions

    Sensorplex provide a range of boxing and palletising solutions utilising the flexibility and affordability of Universal Robots.

    • Boxing Example

      Plastic bottles are packed into cardboard boxes by a UR5 robot. Operators can replace filled boxes with empty boxes while the robot works on the opposite jig.

    • Palletising Example

      Plastic wine bottles are packed onto pallets by a UR10 robot. By picking up an entire row of bottles at a time, the robot is more than able to keep up with cycle times.

  • Flexible Robotic Table

    The lightweight and collaborative nature of the UR5 and UR10 make them ideal for mounting on a table top. The table can then be wheeled around the factory floor to perform a wide range of tasks.