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We are proud to share that we will be celebrating our 20 Year Anniversary partnership with Baumer (formerly Baumer Electric) in 2022. During these 20 years, Baumer has been at the forefront of technology and have provided quality, precision and innovative spirit. We look forward to providing our customers with Baumer products and innovative solutions […]

Did you know the EIL580 can be used to replace BHG encoders? The EIL580 is a new generation of encoder that can replace the BHG. The mechanical differences are very minor. Electrical characteristics are the same but the pin out and colour cable assignment are different. The EIL580P range is a new generation and is extremely […]

Baumer proTect+ hygiene sensors Constantly having to change the sensors in the filler room due to water ingress? Even with stainless steel sensors? IP69k stainless steel sensors are tested by being sprayed at four different angles from a distance of 100-150mm at pressures up to 100 bars and 80°C. Test period is 30 seconds per […]

The DataMan 8700DX handheld barcode reader helps your operation achieve cutting-edge performance for industrial traceability applications by: Quickly reading challenging 1D and 2D codes Withstanding damaging oils, water, and dirt Providing operator feedback on an OLED screen Seamlessly connecting to your factory network Sustaining battery life for a full work shift The DataMan 8700DX has […]