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Medical Panel Computers & Tablets

Since its establishment in 1994, PENTA GmbH has provided complete modularized solutions for the industrial and medical sectors. As an innovative systems hardware provider, PENTA-ADLINK offers “Engineered in Germany” solutions that are optimized for applications in the Medical, Industrial Automation and Logistics fields. Abundant hardware product development experience combined with innovative engineering capabilities allows us to offer products with the highest quality and reliability standards that are engineered to meet industry-specific requirements and certifications such as IEC-60601-1 and IP69K. Our high-grade modularized designs also provide easy configuration and flexibility to adapt to market specific needs.

Medical Monitors

ADLINK’s latest ASM Series of medically certified FHD/UHD surgical monitors features clear image and accurate color reproduction to fully support medical personnel. As a result of its hygienic surface design that eliminates exposed screw heads and air vents, the ASM Series can be easily and quickly cleaned using all common disinfectants and cleaning agents. This ensures a high level of hygiene in pathogen-sensitive environments such as the OR. The ASM Series’ hygienic design also can speed up turnaround time and operating theater preparation.

Medical Panel Computers

ADLINK’s class I certified all-in-one medical panel computers combine functionality, practicality and aesthetics. MLC series medical panel PCs are designed with enhanced visibility, fully-sealed screwless aluminum housing to streamline patient care in clinical environments. MLC series medical computers are ideal for patient’s vital sign monitoring, nursing care, clinical diagnosis, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), anesthesia monitoring and operating room documentation while allowing infection control and 25% decrease in cleaning time for higher patient room and operating room turnover.

Medical Tablets

The MCT-116 11.6″ medical control tablet is designed to enable mobility and flexibility for point-of-care data acquisition and management. Developed for tough clinical environments and is made of components with high durability to ensure greater product longevity.

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